Effective Take Downs – E Book


This course will cover effective takedowns for BJJ. Coming from a Judo background, I had to modify many of my techniques so that they would be effective in BJJ and MMA. Not all techniques are equal and some throws can put you in a compromised position on the ground. Learn techniques that I have used to become a Nogi World champion, multiple time World Masters & Pans medalist, 2X European champion and multiple time American National champion. This course will teach you takedowns, counter takedowns and transitions that put you in a favorable position on the ground.

Modern Kodokan Judo is comprised of 68 core techniques & countless variations. In modern Judo, you are penalized if you grab the leg, however, this wasn’t always the case & there are many old judo techniques that allow leg grabs. BJJ under the IBJJF rules allow competitors to grab legs to take your opponents down, so most Wrestling, Sambo & old and new Judo techniques are permitted. Below are some of my favorite throws and takedowns that are effective in BJJ competition. I recommend watching the videos, then trying them with a training partner. This course begins with some of the most basic and fundamental techniques, followed by more advanced techniques. Next is combination techniques, counter techniques and then sequences that take you from standing to a submission.

Whether you are new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or a competitor looking to get an edge on your opponents, Luke Harris Jiu-Jitsu Master Class is for you. These courses will teach you both fundamentals and competition-tested techniques that will improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.